Tournament Results
7th - 12th Grade Boys

Division Team
7th Grade Boys - Blue Bruins Storm
FOR Top Gun
HD Chargers
OCO Saints
7th Grade Boys - Red FOR Defenders
FOR Eagles
HD Elite
Jets Shoguns
7th Grade Boys - White Bruins Tornados
HD Venom
OCO Orange Crush
Tiger Raptors
8th Grade Boys - Blue HD Xcelerators
Mighty Bruins
OCBC Green Dragons
OCO Avengers
8th Grade Boys - Green Central Cal Cobras Boys 8th Grade Black
FOR Rebels
FOR Sharks
Mustangs Vipers
8th Grade Boys - Orange FOR Jaguars
Mustangs Warriors
NYS Rebels
Sabers Pythons
8th Grade Boys - Red FOR KOA
NYS Lightning Bolts
San Jose Shoyu Shooters
Tiger Torpedoes
8th Grade Boys - White FOR Pythons
HD Maniax
VFW Lightning Bolts
WPC Timberwolves
8th Grade Boys - Yellow FOR Ninjas
FOR Sidewinders
NYS Hornets
Tigers Lightning
9th Grade Boys - Blue SFVJACC Gang Green
SOC Unknowns
Tiger Dragons
WLAYC Red Dragons
9th Grade Boys - Green Bruins Rock
FOR Hawks
FOR Mariners
VFW Rebels
9th Grade Boys - Red FOR Triple Threat
HD Runners
Sabers Dragon Slayers
VYC Thunderbolts

9th Grade Boys - White

OCBC Cobras
OCO Phoenix
VFW Sharks
10th Grade Boys - Blue Bruins Elite
Mustangs Inferno
SOC Rebels
Tiger Pistons
10th Grade Boys - Red FOR Sharp Shooters
HD Blazers
San Jose Zebras
VYC Vipers II
10th Grade Boys - White FOR Scorpions
OCBC Shockwave
OCO Spartans
OCO Wolfpack
11th Grade Boys - Blue Sabers Sonics
Tiger Rivals
VYC Raptors
VYC Sharks II
11th Grade Boys - Red HD Kolohe Boyz
OCO Crush
VFW Heat
WLAYC Raptors
11th Grade Boys - White FOR Lightning
Mustang Titans
NYS Rockets
Tiger Wizards
12th Grade Boys - Blue FOR Lakers
NYS Thunder
WPC Cobras
Boys Senior Prep - Red Eye of the Tiger
Jets Rebels
OCBC Hornets
Boys Senior Prep - White FOR Victory
OCBC Lightning
OCO Crunch
OCO Juice

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