Tournament Invitation - RSVP

If you have not logged in to the Team Management System to verify the current team and roster/player information, you should do so before proceeding. Please complete this form within 5 days of your team's official acceptance notification (based on the invitation 'Sent' date) to secure or release your spot in the tournament. Failure to do so could result in forfeiture of the reserved spot. 

Team Information:
Team Tracking # (TTN):


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Team Name:

Team Response:

We accept the invitation and understand that the entry fee cannot be refunded once we do so.


The team and roster/player information on the Team Management System:

Is correct as-is
Has been updated with corrections to team, staff, and/or player information.

We will complete the Roster Change Form after completing and submitting this form if any player additions are necessary.

   We will not be able to participate and forfeit the spot that was reserved for us.
Southbay FOR, Tiger, and WLAYC teams should seek a refund of the entry fee from your respective organization. For all other teams, please indicate your preference for the handling of the check:

Shred it
Void and return it by mail to the address on the check (or specify alternate address in Comments section below)

Championship T-shirts:

3rd - 12th grade and adult championship teams will be awarded 10 championship T-shirts. Please help us determine appropriate sizes (we will use the average collected from all teams) for your division. 2nd grade teams need not complete this section.
Adult small (Please specify the quantity of each size.
The total should not exceed 10 even if
there are more than 10 players on your
Adult medium
Adult large
Adult X-large
Adult XX-large 


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