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1. Review the Tournament Information sheet for general information about the tournament.  If your team is interested in participating, proceed to step 2.
2. Refer to the Step-by-Step TeamSnap Registration Procedures document for detailed instructions on using TeamSnap to register your team. Please note the following important points:
  • Once you complete the registration form and click on 'Add Team', you need to go to your shopping cart to 'Checkout'
  • Do NOT click on the 'Register Another Team for This Event' even if you have another team to enter. Complete the pending order first and then go back to the registration form to '-Add New Team-'.
  • Invitations will be emailed to players on the roster you entered once you click on the 'Register & Pay Later' button. Refer to the TeamSnap FAQs if any of your members do not receive their invitation.
  • If you are uncertain as to whether a player can participate, it is recommended to include them on the roster and to let the player decline the invitation to participate. In addition, you can delete the person from your roster once you become aware they will not participate. This will help with resolving any pending players and completing your application.
  • Your application will not be considered complete if there are any pending invitations remaining; each invited adult player or a parent/guardian of each invited minor player must submit the player roster information. Invited players who are not able to participate should decline the invitation or should be removed (deleted) from your roster. Your team will not be considered for invitation until all participating players have submitted their player roster information.
  • Players who do not appear on your team's current league (CBO, CYC, JAO, NAU, or SEYO) roster must be approved by the Tournament Committee to participate. 
  • Do NOT use the registration form to make changes to a previously registered team. Doing so will create a second entry with a new order number for the same team. ONLY SUBMIT THE REGISTRATION FORM ONCE PER TEAM.
  • Once you register your team, use TeamSnap to:
    - Check player status (accepted, declined, not yet responded)
    - Resend an invitation to a player
    - Send a link to the invitation for a particular player to a different email address

    - Invite other player(s)
    - Check if your entry fee has been received
  • Do NOT use the 'Teams' link under My Account to make any updates to your team. All player updates MUST be made through the 'Roster' link in the Hollywood Dodgers Las Vegas Invitational listing under Upcoming Events. Please note that the Hollywood Dodgers will be locking rosters as they are verified against official league rosters. Once locked, player additions and deletions must be requested using the HDLVI Roster Change Request Form. For updates to player or staff information please email hwd@hollywooddodgers.org.
  • Remember to include the Team ID (last 4 digits of your order number) on all future correspondence and orders with the Hollywood Dodgers. You can always look that up by going to the 'Receipts' link in TeamSnap.
3. For 12th grade teams only:  Complete the Conduct Form. Please make sure that you obtain the necessary signatures for ALL participants and for the designated organizational officers.
4. Submit the completed Conduct Form (12th grade teams only) and a check for the Entry Fee ($600 thru March 31st; $650 from April 1st) to:

The Hollywood Dodgers
P.O. Box 3609
Alhambra, CA  91803-3609

  IMPORTANT: No team will be considered for acceptance into the tournament until ALL of the requirements detailed below have been fulfilled.
Process / Requirements Period Fees
  • Team Registration through TeamSnap
  • Player roster information for ALL participating players; the application is not complete if any players have not responded to their invitation 
  • Conduct Form (12th grade teams only)
  • Entry Fee
Up to March 31st (online entry timestamp & postmark date on mailed items) $600 - Entry Fee

Fees for South Bay FOR, Tigers Youth Club, and West LA Youth Club teams will be submitted by the respective organization. Teams from those organizations should NOT remit payment. All other requirements must still be fulfilled by March 31st or the late fee will be applied.

Late Registration (see Registration requirements above) After March 31st $650 - Entry Fee
Roster Additions
  • Invite Player through TeamSnap (make sure the player understands that his/her participation is pending Tournament Committee approval)
  • Complete the HDLVI Roster Change Request Form 
After official acceptance through May 31st $25 per added player
June $50 per added player
July $75 per added player
August No changes allowed
hwd@hollywooddodgers.org (for general inquiries)
hdlvi@hollywooddodgers.org (for tournament inquiries)